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I think I've only every seen/heard that stigma around here from DS mamas, and in response to them having been embarrassed by their own child's behavior in public. Of having gotten rude comments about their kids. My youngest gets compliments all the time for being "good" and my oldest gets blank stares of shock because he looks a year or two older than he is AND has sensory challenges that make him a hoot to watch in big stores. He's usually singing at the top of his lungs to block out all the background noise around him. Lol. And he use to have a "darting" problem where he's bolt when we were in public and he got too overwhelmed. I was about to get him a leash for his own safety but he outgrew it.

My personal view on children's behavior in public is that you're really only seeing a small snapshot of the child's behavior. It's not fair to judge a stranger's parenting skills based on a brief moment in time. A child's behavior in public is as much due to parenting as it is the the child's temperament, the environment itself, and the child's current state of mind (are they tired, hungry, overwhelmed, etc). I've been the parent with the very well behaved child (due mostly to her temperament) and the one with the seemingly crazy kid. But I've only ever gotten weird looks or rude comments about my spirited child.
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