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Who do you choose to be God parent?

I am meaning actual God parent, not guardian should the unthinkable happen.

Many probably know my story as I have shared it on here before, but here it is in a nutshell if you haven't heard it before. I was baptized LCMS lutheran in 2002 as an adult (I am 36 now). 18 months later (roughly) I married a Roman Catholic and converted. About 18 months ago, we agreed that we couldn't be Roman Catholic anymore and we went back to LCMS Lutheran. I am pretty sure that we are officially Lutheran now, though I could check with the pastor. There was no ceremony or anything but we went through the classes with the pastor.

DS and our lost children were all baptized Roman Catholic, and we were told that DS would just be confirmed when he gets old enough LCMS Lutheran.

We have family that is Roman Catholic. Right now we only have 1 family member that is Lutheran and that is my step father, who is not practicing. I am due to have another child and I would like this child to have a God parent. However with only one family member Lutheran, and me having VERY strong reasons not to be Catholic, I am not sure what I should do in naming someone "God parent" to our new son. We have only been going to this church for about 18 months, and while we know people, I wonder if it is too much to ask one of them to be our child's God parent. KWIM?

We have a separate guardian to our children. My cousin, who is said person, isn't religious.

So what would you do? I believe we need to choose someone who is in good standing in their home church. That limits us down to just my in-laws (who are DS God parents) but they are Roman Catholic and I suspect MIL has issues with Lutherans (not sure but she has said some strange things to us since we have converted). They are not happy Roman Catholics at the moment either.
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