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Re: Is there a negative stigma for well behaved children?

Originally Posted by danner View Post
My 4yo daughter is well-behaved and polite, but not shy and does have impulse control hiccups at home sometimes.
When she receives a compliment she says thank you. I have had people gush about her behavior, which is ridiculous because I believe that most children 4+ have it in them and should be well-behaved. It's hard work (diligence actually) but it is our jobs as parents to raise functioning citizens. Don't get me started! Anyone who criticizes well-behaved children needs help.
Ok, I mis-read that. I thought, "Wow, she gets hiccups when she has trouble with impulse control?? That's new." *facepalm* I need a nap.

OP ~ I've heard both, but most often I hear GOOD things about well-behaved kids.

All the negative stuff I hear seems to come from EXTREME AP parents or from parents who are insecure in their parenting methods, that have produced little terrors and they feel strangely guilty or uncomfortable about the fact that my kids can be relatively still for 30 minutes while their kids are running around destroying things.

I am secure enough personally in what I do as a parent that if people want to call me names or say I'm doing it wrong, it just rolls off my back. Whatevs. Proof's in the puddin' darlin'!

And my kids are not ALWAYS perfectly behaved. That would be nice. But I'd say 95% of the time, they are awesome and very very very good. Esp compared to those I know/see with young kids.

I know and see a lot of people who either don't know how to discipline their kids, don't want to discipline their kids, or just don't care. For those people, it's a whole lot easier to say, "Wow, look at your little DRONES! You must be so strict. Poor little kids, can't express themselves!" Than for them to say, "Whoa. Look at what a 6 y.o is capable of. I need to step up my game."

(and, FTR, I have been the second parent in that analogy before!)

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