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Re: Who do you choose to be God parent?

For Catholics at least on Godparent needs to be a practicing Catholic, but the other can be a "Christian Witness" (can still call them a Godparent, but they are listed on the Baptismal certificate as a Christian Witness), someone of another Christian denomination practicing their faith.
See, this is exactly not how my kids were baptized. My SIL, who is a non-denominational Christian, and my BIL who is a non practicing Southern Baptist are both Godparents for my two younger ones, and both are listed as Godparent on the certificate. Now, DH and I, while registered as parishioners in the church we had the kids baptized in, have been to church about 5 times since we got married...well, 6 if you count the wedding itself. So maybe that has something to do with it. But the priest did list their Godparents AS Godparents, not "Christian Witnesses."
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