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I have students in my class who don't have a pencil 4 days out of 5 in my class. I am not joking. Other kids can keep track, but some cannot. (I teach 2nd Grade). I always ask students to check for lost pencils on the floor at the end of the day, because if they are still on the floor when the custodian comes, they are swept up and tossed. We generally pick up 5-6 pencils at the end of the day that get tossed into the pencil basket.

I would say that my class likely goes through more than 200 pencils a year (that's 10 per student). It is much likely closer to 300. Also, remember that when there is a request for supplies, I find that less than 50% of people respond. It is unlikely that the teacher is really in need of 3000 pencils. Kleenex on the other hand... I will have used more than 50 boxes this year!
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