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Oh no I am so sorry for such awful news.

I had HELLP badly with both our boys, but luckily it did not hit until 38 1/2 wks (emergency c/s with DS1) and then I think it actually hit the exact same time with DS2 because I was experiencing some oddness but not full blown symptoms. I waited a couple days and we hit 39w1d and dr advised (it was a Sunday) to go to the hospital. Went in and they almost sent us home because my BP was high but not terribly high. However, I did present with some minor symptoms that led them to run bloodwork and found horrifically high liver enzymes. We had another c/s several hours later. Had a lot of people coming in for training on recognizing atypical HELLP while in the hospital for 4 days. :/ I guess at least our experience will help others down the road so they aren't almost sent home like we were by L&D.

It is a terrible thing to have happen and we are very thankful that we had full term boys both times.
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