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Originally Posted by Mrs.Os

So exciting. We're hoping to have ours in a couple week, weve been trying to get this done for a year and its been so draining were just exhausted. It's so good to hear someone's moving ahead. Let me know how it goes :-) I'm getting rid of more than I thought actually so its been interesting packing. My husband has a few hours this week I'm gonna have him finish his stuff. I hope it's very smooth.
Will do. I'm having a purge-fest b/c I just sick of looking at some of this stuff even though it is nice. I'm ready to pare down a bit. And the house we're moving into isn't small so I feel like it is ridiculous if we can't make everything fit. We live in the Midwest and it seems like everyone feels like they need giant houses for their families and I'm trying to avoid that mentality.

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