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OMG! I have to tell a funny story! In my phonetics class in university, I had a professor who was full Cherokee (American Indian). She was such a monotonic, BORING professor. Anyway, one day she was telling us how her cousin LOVED the English name "Edward," and then she phonetically wrote on the board her cousin's pronunciation. She proceeded to stand at the front of the class and write out and very slowly pronounce what amounted to "A TW*T." She stood at the front of the class, NO recognition of what she was saying! After a minute or more, quite literally, of saying "a tw*t, a tw*t, a tw*t," I finally spit out my water, trying not to laugh! The stifled laughter spread amongst all the students in the room as we realized she truly had NO idea what she was saying was so taboo, bless her heart! I started choking and had to leave the room! I was laughing, choking, and crying! I had real tears rolling down my cheeks! It hurt to laugh!!!

Each time I think of name pronunciation, I think of that!

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