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Originally Posted by canadianbakers

Yikes! That's pricey!

If they're happy and content, there's no need to try anything more. Like the hiccups - with DD1 she would get so angry and upset when she got the hiccups, start screaming about them and it was horrid, so we tried the gripe water and it helped her. But Piper doesn't seem bothered by her hiccups, so we aren't giving her anything for now, and won't unless she seems upset/hurt by them.
Same with gas bubbles/pain - if they aren't having troubles there's no need for anything more, but if they're in pain I'd rather give them something to help.

I would rather give them a little something to help them feel better and not be in pain, than have them crying and screaming, upset and hurting.
But are do those ingredients stop pain? Sugar water is given to babies before circumcision. Do you think it stops pain? Or is so overwhelmingly sugary they are simply distracted. Just curious.
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