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Originally Posted by songbird516
This might be helpful

This is one part that stood out to me
There is no lowest level of blood sugar that is universally accepted as meaning the baby has low blood sugar. Because of this atmosphere of hyper-concern about low blood sugar, the level of sugar keeps being raised to absurd levels. In many hospitals now, 3.4 mmol/L (60 mg %) is now considered the lowest acceptable blood sugar. This is patently aberrant and there is no evidence to back up such a level as the lowest acceptable blood sugar concentration.

Personally I would not allow my baby to be taken away for this reason. I feel that it causes a lot more harm than it may possibly (but there is scant evidence) prevent.
That's exactly my concern. :-/ They were SO wigged out over it with my DS. I'd had a super long induction where they withheld food/water (like 36+ hours) and then a CS. I was so out of it in the recovery room that I couldn't hold him to nurse, and the he got a fever so they just whisked him away and didn't bring him back for 24 hours. It sucked. I was too groggy to understand what was going on, but too wired to fall asleep. So I laid awake all night in a confused stupor wondering where I was and why I was alone.

My dd was born vaginally home. We never tested her blood sugar but she lost an entire pound in the first few days and wasn't nursing well. I pumped like crazy til my milk came in and then bottle fed until she perked up.
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