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Re: is it worth even trying?

I'd say birth is traumatic always for the baby. I mean they are going from a very small, comfy, warm, watery world into a big cold, loud, bright, etc world. I would say making a baby come before baby is fully ready and developed would not only be more traumatic, but it could leave baby in the NICU and/or long or short term complicatoins. We know there can be long term complications for babies born prior to 39 weeks which is why many hospitals and doctors no longer induce before 39 weeks and there are all sorts of studies on why you shouldn't have a baby electivelly before 39 weeks. And just because you had a second baby be more weight doesn't mean #3, #4 and so on would be bigger especially lbs bigger.

Also, purely ancedotal, but a friend of mine had her 5th homebirth to a 12 lb baby (12 lbs on the nose), she's 5 feet tall.
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