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Originally Posted by leyash
i am not trying to be rude, at all... but the question wasn't whether or not i should induce at 39 weeks, the question was how likely are the things that i am doing (rrl tea, dtd, etc) to work, if i am dilating. that was all. are they actually proven to help the body move along gradually (not looking to start labor 10 minutes later), or it is just assumed, and all stuff that doesn't really work?
From what I've learned as a doula and a birthing mama, "natural" induction methods will only help you along if your body is ready for labor to start. There are low risk things you can do, like getting a chiro adjustment (by someone trained in prenatal chiro) to give your pelvis optimal space for baby to settle into the best position to apply pressure to the cervix. Walking is good for you as exercise so it won't hurt unless you overdo it.

I would personally avoid more intense natural induction methods like castor oil or herbs, because while they WILL cause contractions, you do have the risk of your body not progressing into active labor for a few different reasons (if your body just isn't ready, if baby isn't positioned optimally to apply pressure to the cervix, if you get dehydrated or over tired).

You could ask them to strip your membranes if you're comfortable with the risks associated with that. It stimulates the release of prostaglandins which soften the cervix, but it has the small risk of introducing bacteria into the cervix or possibly breaking your water.

As a mama who has has big babies as well, I totally respect your concern. I've heard that eating lots of pineapple (like LOTS) can help soften the cervix. And if you're going to dtd to try and get things moving, make sure it's sex where you orgasm, and where the semen is able to contact and "hang out" around your cervix as long as possible. I'm happy to give more detailed tips but don't want to gross anyone out. You're welcome to pm me. ;-)

I'll be in your same shoes in Sept/Oct, anticipating a 10+ lber, so you have my thoughts and prayers with you lady. :-) ((hugs))
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