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Re: is it worth even trying?

Originally Posted by leyash View Post
i am not trying to be rude, at all... but the question wasn't whether or not i should induce at 39 weeks, the question was how likely are the things that i am doing (rrl tea, dtd, etc) to work, if i am dilating. that was all. are they actually proven to help the body move along gradually (not looking to start labor 10 minutes later), or it is just assumed, and all stuff that doesn't really work?
Everyone is different and many people swear that such and such method helped. If you can get some contractions going by DTD, bouncing on a birth ball, or walking, that can still be helpful. I began contracting both pregnancies very early on, like 32-34 weeks, so regardless of whether they were "just Braxton Hicks" or not, they still helped because I was dilating! My labor was SO much quicker an easier, especially with DD. I was 7cm before labor truly started so I only had to truly experience a few centimeters of pain. There is no guarantee any of this will help, but to me, as long as you aren't doing castor oil or herbs, there is no harm in trying other methods. May help, may not. Even if you don't go into labor, it can still help you along for later. Might as well give it a go
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