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Re: is it worth even trying?

Originally Posted by Sarawithouth View Post
Please read some big baby birth stories to gain some confidence! There are 98 lb women who give vaginal birth to 12-13 lb babies. It sounds scary, but I'll say it again:

You won't grow a baby you can't birth barring a medical condition.

Episiotomies increase your chance of tearing, and its highly likely you tore last time because he came out so quickly and you didn't have perineal support.

If you induce too soon, chances are you will have a CS anyway. So yes, an early induction can and will be more traumatic for a baby who doesn't "choose" labor, so to speak.
My SIL had a "fast first baby" and tore pretty bad. She did not have an episiotomy.

I pushed for 3 hours total. They ended up giving me an episiotomy and I really don't think he could have come out without it. They let me push for a long time before they did it. He came out with old man ringlets around his head from pushing against my perineum for so long. I ended up needing PIT because after almost 3 hours my contractions dropped back down to 5 minutes apart. As much as I'd like to agree, my son couldn't have been born without help. he was 8.5lbs and came out fitting in 3m clothes. I was 5'4" and 135lbs (before PG). All the nurses say they couldn't believed I birthed naturally. They were expecting a c/s by that point. I was determined.
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