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Re: is it worth even trying?

I am only speaking from my own personal experience, but nothing helped me. My DD1 came at 38 wks on her own, me not even trying or expecting her that early, but I did walk around at a 2 starting at 36 weeks, and was a 5 at my 38 wk checkup, which is when I had her. So, I just *assumed* (lol) that my DD2 would come at least a little early. I also was a 2 at 36 wks with her, and progressed to a 5 by about 39 wks, but then I just stopped, and finally had an induction at 41+1. Those last 2-3 weeks, though, I did a ton of stuff (some trying intentionally, some just things that I had to do), and nothing hurried her along at all. I did squats, walked, DTD, went on a looong hilly walk through the park carrying my 30 lb 2yo, ate spicy foods, DH massaged my nipples, walked up and down 13 steps several times a, pretty much anything you could think of. Nothing worked. She just wasn't ready. And, I'm a small person, 5'1" and 110 not pregnant, so a lot of that was really work for my body. When she was born at 41+1, she was only 7lbs 6oz, and I had been really nervous about having a huge baby, too (but I don't have a history of them like you do, and I'm not saying you shouldn't anticipate a big baby at all, I'm just saying I can relate to that fear). Plus, I don't know how your labors go, but both times for me, my babies were born very shortly after my water breaking, and I am NOT one of those people who just cheerfully shrugs and says that babies are born at home and in cars all the time....I want to be in my hospital, and I'm very thankful that I didn't cause my water to break with all the stuff I tried. My advice is honestly to just rest (as much as you can, I know that's not likely when you have other kids) and save your energy, cause you'll just exhaust yourself without accomplishing anything. ....I know those last few weeks can be so long. Hope you don't have much longer to go!!
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