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Re: Questions for WAHM Knitting Soakers / Longies

I'm just starting making them but I know some of the answers to your questions...

Many patterns state that you can't make items from that pattern for sale w/o buying a cottage license but this actually isn't true, copyright laws don't cover items you make from that pattern. That being said I wouldn't use those patterns anyway because it's not worth the hassel that can come with it.

There are some that allow you to make them and some are even free. Here are the ones I'm using:

How long it take to do a soaker really varies from person to person and will also depend on the size and such, but I can usually get it done in a day or 2 and that's knitting when I can with homeschooling 3 of my 4 kids.

I dye my own yarn so that's where I get it. I've found the most popular yarns are MMW, BBR, AT, single and 3 ply PW, and Gaia... Most knitters I know though do more yymn (your yarn, my needles) customs than anything else. But for doing rtg items I think most people that are willing and able to pay for hand knit items want higher quality yarns that what you get at craft stores so if she's going to look locally I'd look at LYS.

Also if she's interested in doing a collab where I do a custom hand dye and she does a custom knit tell her to contact me on FB . I have a link in sig line.
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