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Re: Spring/Summer wool

SOLD below

worn by us a few times over the winter, but not our favorite base. longies on mosaic moon maclir on mmw. measurements waist 15.5", hips 19", rise (including waistband) 17", inseam (not including gusset) 8". Also have a matching ky baby earflap hat. SOLD

Size small (0-3 month size) shorties on Mosaic Moon "Golden Compass" on single-ply merino. Super soft! SOLD [IMG][/IMG]

Some longies I knit for a charity auction that had to be cancelled... I'd love to sell these and donate the money to the Lillard Family of Myersville. See the story here:

Girly items:

Brand new, hot off the needles size 3T jungle gym overalls on Dashing Dach's Cupcake on Stallion with brown trim and cute heart shaped pocket per my little girl's request. I painstakingly knit these for C over the Thanksgiving weekend, presented them with full fanfare only for her to tell me that she didn't want pants, she wanted a twirly skirt. What's a mama to do? Buy them quick before it's too painful and so that I can fund some yarn to make her some skirted overalls. $60ppd. PENDING TRADE
I will include the above longies with these overalls for only $5 additional!
inseam 12", hips 24", length waistband to cuff 21"

Large (12" inseam") elastic waist longies on Lollytree's "Monster" colorway on BBR. Washed and lanolinized, but only tried on. SOLD

Random acts of kindness for Sophie!
As two of my random acts of kindness for Sophie Lillard, whose 7th Birthday would have been tomorrow, I'd like to send these two pairs of longies along to homes that can use them! Just free to the first to PM for each pair with a US address where I can send them; please consider joining in and sharing some kindness of your own!

CLAIMED - Medium longies on Dear Husband "Sawyer Boy" on Cestari SF. Inseam 9", rise 18", hips 21"

CLAIMED - Medium longies on Lollytree's "Monster" colorway, BBR merino inseam 9", rise 18", hips 21"

The details of 7 acts of kindness for Sophie’s 7th Birthday
Sophie Lillard was a wonderful kind girl whose life was cut too short when her home caught on fire on January 31 2013.

Sophie would have turned 7 years old on May 15th. In honor of her sweet and giving spirit we would like to invite everyone to join us in 7 random acts of kindness for her birthday.

What: 7 acts of kindness
When: May 15th 2013
Where: Wherever you are!
Why: to help honor the memory of Sophie Lillard

Buy a stranger’s coffee, send a friend a letter, give of your time and volunteer, visit an elderly neighbor, make a meal for someone in need, take your local fire department cookies, anything to show kindness to another.

Please share this event, invite your friends and family all over the world. Thank you for helping us honor our sweet girl!

To follow along with the Lillards efforts to honor their daughters Sophie and Madigan please visit

That was so much fun and were gone so quickly that I'll give away some more. When you PM, please identify what item you'd like. First to PM with the requested item and US address will get it.

CLAIMED - Size small / large newborn soaker on DH "Blue Flame of Valor" on BBR merino. rise 14", hips 17" [IMG][/IMG]

CLAIMED Size newborn soaker on DH "Very Hungry Caterpillar" on BBR merino with a fold down button for the newbie umbilical cord. [IMG] rise (folded down) 13", hips 15" [/IMG]

CLAIMED - Small longies on DH "Berry Cobbler" on merino. Perfectly gender neutral. These do felt and pill pretty easily, but they are soft and thick! Also includes a matching hat. Worn by us and slightly felted. We love these, but they've just gotten too short!

CLAIMED - 18 month size shorties on mystery colorway, dyer, base (although it feels like Targhee to me). rise 15", hips 21", inseam 4.5"

CLAIMED - Cute skirty on mystery wool - I don't recall the colorway, base, or dyer, although the yarn is fairly sturdy and doesn't pill too easily.
Worn frequently by my dd, some slight felting in the wet zone, but super cute! Freshly washed and lanolinized. w 16 h 18.5 r 20

CLAIMED - Brand new, size 3T longies on 3 ply purewool. I made these for DD right before she started using the potty, so she never wore them. These were early in my adventures in knitting in the round, so the stitches are twisted... but still fully functional and cute!
inseam 12", rise 19", hips 24"
Laura, mom to C (9/09) and T (1/12)
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