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Burning vein help ideas

I have a lot of veins in my calves and ankles that come to the surface during pregnancy. They do it earlier and bring more friends with them each time. Right now I have several patches that just burn unless I am lying down. (and then my nose gets stuffy and I can't breathe )

Wearing compression hose helps a little. Last night I used cold packs to be more comfortable. Walking makes me not notice it, but I end up swelling worse from being upright. Having to sit in the driver's seat and drive is the worst. I do keep my left leg propped up on the dash board. I know how very safe.

Anyone have any other ideas to help with this? I've got at least 11 more weeks to go and I know it only gets worse from here on out.

ETA: My BP was 90something over 64 on Tuesday, so I'm guessing this is part of my problem.
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