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Originally Posted by bumminbeachbabe

I think the frequency of testing depends on where you deliver. I had insulin dependent gd with this pregnancy. My baby was born 3 days ago and had her sugars tested at hours 2-4. They came back fine so they stopped with those.

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I had GD (fortunately responded to diet control) with DS (born vaginally at exactly 40 weeks, 6 lb 12 oz) and after the first two sugar tests came back ok, the nurse clued me in that even though hospital policy was to keep testing according to schedule, I could request to waive the later tests since the first two were fine. I'm glad I did since he cried so pitifully every time they stuck him . If she hasn't told me that they would of just kept poking him.

They tested in my room, since my hospital had a policy that all testing and baby care occur in the parents presence, and in-room where possible.
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