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Re: Help! Meals for big families...

I would cut up the sausages, mix it together, portion out everything and not let anyone eat until everyone was sitting at the table together- including you! I come from a huge family so know what this is like! And my family LOVED pasta & meat and ate too much of it... they are easy for a lot of people to overeat anyway and most of them probably don't even actually need the seconds anyway - they just want them b/c they are tasty. Before everyone would eat we'd make sure everyone had a plate and each plate had enough food on it, and then once EVERYONE had a sufficient plate people would be called for dinner, and a small portion of seconds could be offered if someone was done and wanted more, depending on who it was (i.e., my dad or one of my brothers in particular who needs a lot of food would get more; a small child would get less, etc.)

eta: I second sides of veggies - I would try to find fun and tasty ways to cook them. My family hated veggies but they only ever really ate potatoes, or the frozen Green Giant kind, boiled (which no one really liked and ended up wasted...) There are much tastier ways to prepare them and they are much healthier anyway.

Also, I would try to encourage them to drink more water because a lot of the time in our culture when people think they are so hungry or still hungry, they actually need more water. And for the ones that just gulp the food down in 3 minutes, if there are any like that (in my family- there are a couple, lol) I would try to gently discourage that and try to encourage them to slow down and enjoy their food - b/c they can also easily still feel hungry when they aren't & apparently it takes 20 minutes or so for your stomach to send the signal to the brain that it's full.

Adding more, lol. You might really NEED to make more, but it might just be the above too b/c as I said, pasta & sausages (meat) are easy for quite a few people to overdo.

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