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Re: Help! Meals for big families...

Ok..great tips..but see this is why its so hard for me. I Get so frusterated with things hubby likes to eat cheseburgers ALOT. Its like his number one fav meal (Bleck! I like them once in a while) but anyways..he eats 3 (they go in one pan), I make 5 (SMALL) of them fit into another for the kiddies, THANK goodness 2 of the kiddies dont like them. So by the time my stove has 2 big pans there isnt room for another I usually skip burgers and dont get one becuase bythe time Im done cooking and putting together all those burgers..I dont feel like standing over the stove for another 1/2 hour..UGH. Thank goodness its summer though because I can use the GRILL!
Maby im not making enough or maby Im not doing enough side dishes...IDK? When I make chicken..I usually make one for everyone. A Big pack of chicken breasts is like $15-$19 here (boneless, skinless) and to me..thats alot of $$ to spend on just one meal worth of meat (or is it?>) IDK. I def need to find more larger meals or how to add to my meals so there is enough for everyone becuase Im tired of toast! GRRRR! Thanks everyone for the tips
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