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Re: Help! Meals for big families...

Originally Posted by thirdtimemomma View Post
With 7 kids myself I know what you mean! Here's what I do...

-double it. Always make enough for 12 servings. If there are leftovers they become lunch the next day. If not, then at least everyone is full.

-make bread, rice, pasta or potatoes for a side dish at every meal. Still hungry, have more potatoes. Bread and butter, corn bread, muffins, baked mashed fried potatoes, rice w cheese or butter, pasta with sause or butter and garlic...

-limit the expensive part of the dish. Under 5yo you get a half serving of meat (half a sausage or chicken breast) and everyone gets one meat. Still hungry? Have some bread.

-make meat the garnish not the main attraction. For most that means casserole type dishes.. But it could mean a small chicken breast, broccoli steamed and rice where the meat is 1/4 of the plate, broccoli the other and half the plate rice unless your carb watching and you change the rice and broccoli.

But the biggest tip? Plate all the plates in the kitchen before you set the food out. Making sure everyone gets their fair share. You don't want to raise selfish children. I never let anyone plate their own food, not even dh. Well guests do, before I plate the families plates

These are all great ideas! Thank you! Ill try these from now on!

Originally Posted by keen1981 View Post
Well here I make a huge salad every night and 1-2 more veggies. Sounds like you are using the entree as the entire meal and Americans are the only ones to do this! That meal you described should be a quarter of their plate- that would help alot!!!

Basically YESS! I am doing that! My mom always cooked like that so perhaps I got it from her! So I should have added like 2 different veggies to each plate as well? Or a veggie and a bread? THANKS!
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