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Ideas for sugar/grain-free breakfasts and reduced sugar lunches?

For me, I am beginning to reduce my sugar and grain intake for health reasons. I have started with breakfast and have just started this week. So far, I've just been eating scrambled eggs and have noticed an improvement in my health and energy already! This is motivation to continue. Besides eggs, what in the world else could I eat that's not sugary or grainy? Along, the same lines...what about for lunch?

My second area for improvement is my DD's school lunch. It is very high in sugar! If I try to change it up (I.e. a different nut butter or veggies with ranch dressing) she won't eat it. Here's the normal lunch: pb&honey sandwich, gogurt simple or Trader Joe's yogurt tubes, pirate booty or goldfish, and a fruit. On occasion, I will switch it up with pepperoni and crackers in place of the sandwich. So what could I give her that is very similar to the lunch she's already eating, but with a reduction in sugar?
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