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Re: Help! Meals for big families...

Originally Posted by happysmileylady View Post
I only just put these two together even though you did totally say both that you were skipping meals and that you are pregnant.

OP, you need to start eating first. I am honestly shocked that your DH will eat three burgers knowing that you will not eat. There's no way my DH would have let that fly. There are MANY MANY times where DH would go without food himself to make sure that I sat my butt down and ate. At the minimum OP, make yourself your burger, then set it aside, and make everyone elses. Afterall, if mom passes out because baby in the belly needs more food, then no one gets a burger, right?

Not only am I pregnant but I also have a 5 month old who will be joining us at the table. Did I say I was pregnant? I dont remember what I typed (LOL) I wasnt worried about the baby Im pregnant with(Im only 2 months pregnant..not yet anyways. But def worried about the baby thats about to reach 6 months old and will be going to the dinner table soon! But...I do want a healthy baby and def dont want to deprive the baby of any vitamins or nutrients himself! or herself..(lol).
But heres what happens...I always make hubbys first because I feel...he works overnights and works hard to support us. He has a crappy schedule and dont get much sleep so I can stay home with the kids. I feed him firt becuase he needs to eat as early as possible because he has to go back to bed early evening so he can sleep until its time to go to work. SO Basiclaly I make his plate first and then little kid to big kid. By the time Im ready to eat..little kids are done and want more..Hubby is almost doen with his. He always says u can have the rest of mine or u can take my debit card and get something downtown. But I dont want to. I dont want to take from him or the kids! I dont want to take his debit ($$$ that we can use for something we may need in the detergent etc) and get soemthing from the deli becuase then Im taking away from what we may need later in the week! SO I settle for pb toast usually, or plain...depends on my mood. But Im really getting tired of it. I think I got some good tips here..adding more side dishes to our meals and making plates before I serve them. Now I just need to work on next weeks and months meal plans! Thanks alot everyone! More tips and tricks are always welcome!
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