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Here a few suggestions to stretch the meat portion further:
For burgers I used to mash up a can (or two) of black beans that were rinsed very very well and mix into the meat. If I didn't have beans then I used oatmeal. It bulks it up enough that a 1/4 of hamburger turns into at least 1/3lb. I also grate carrots and zucchini with my microplane (grater that is super super fine). I actually do that with all ground meats that are shaped like hamburgers, meatloaf, meatballs, hamburger steaks (Salisbury/smothered depending on where you are in the country ).
For chicken/pork as the main dish every one gets a "reasonable" portion for the first plate, once everyone has eaten ten they can get half of that portion for the second. If they still aren't full then they can eat more veggies or go hungry. I usually have three different veggies for most meals because I have somewhat picky eaters and I want to make sure there are two veggies that everyone likes. We always have a starch like mashed potatoes (mixed with half cauliflower!) or brown rice. That helps to fill them up when the meat runs out.
ETA: You need to fix your plate first before anyone else's and set it aside. Your kids won't be harmed if they don't get seconds. Your baby may suffer if you don't eat properly.
To make things in large batches use your oven or crockpot.
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