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Re: Help! Meals for big families...

Originally Posted by mel j View Post
Honestly, I know pasta is an "easy" meal for a big family, but IMO, it's NOT usually growth spurts when they're eating a ton of pasta (or grains) or super salty foods (sausages) or any kind of processed food, which leave people feeling "hungry" for various reasons: lack of real nutrients combined with salt, fats, sugar & starch which leave people wanting more, dehydration from too much salt/not enough water, misinterpreting thirst for hunger, etc. (Not that sugar, salt, fat & starches are always a bad thing - but I believe it's a big part of the reason why people are so addicted to certain foods.)

It's hard to break away from in our culture which pushed grains for so long (and still does) or a culture that is still pretty heavy on the meat, but pasta is really not a healthy meal in the first place. I KNOW I used to eat way too much of it...because I liked it and it was my favorite meal, not because I was actually that hungry; it could've also been partly b/c of the serious lack of nutrients in processed foods. Our LO's could eat tons of pasta if we let them - same with things like cold cereal, my siblings & I could easily eat 3 bowls of that stuff! So we don't do pasta or cold cereals any more, and I try to limit the grains and focus on healthy & filling fats, starches, proteins, vegetables, etc. and making vegetables the "star" of each meal. It took us awhile to get to this point though... but I see how my siblings eat and how I used to eat and don't want to pass that on!

I also agree that you shouldn't have to go every night only eating toast, esp. while you are pregnant and that your husband shouldn't be eating so much while letting you go without a proper dinner!! Can he help you cook at least? Even just cutting veggies?

I know pasta isnt good or healthy anyways. Starches make my kids either lazy or hyper Ive noticed! Its weird..most of them Lazy but 2 of them get EXtremely hyper if we have soemthing like mash potatoes or pasta with butter (a fav here) and I totally agree with you on eating more. Pasta is my fav and I could eat a pound to myself prolly becuase I love it so much (LOL) Not really but I could eat alot and the majority of the kids are pasta lovers as well. One child and hubby dont care for pasta. I make the child eat it....hubby eats it but its not his fav...neither are potatoes...well he likes potatoes as long as they have sour cream to go on them. I just find different ways to make them. But we go thru prolly a 10 lb bag in one meal for us. Do u have any examples of clean healthy starches?
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