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Re: Help! Meals for big families...

Originally Posted by myclanof6 View Post
Here a few suggestions to stretch the meat portion further:
For burgers I used to mash up a can (or two) of black beans that were rinsed very very well and mix into the meat. If I didn't have beans then I used oatmeal. It bulks it up enough that a 1/4 of hamburger turns into at least 1/3lb. I also grate carrots and zucchini with my microplane (grater that is super super fine). I actually do that with all ground meats that are shaped like hamburgers, meatloaf, meatballs, hamburger steaks (Salisbury/smothered depending on where you are in the country ).
For chicken/pork as the main dish every one gets a "reasonable" portion for the first plate, once everyone has eaten ten they can get half of that portion for the second. If they still aren't full then they can eat more veggies or go hungry. I usually have three different veggies for most meals because I have somewhat picky eaters and I want to make sure there are two veggies that everyone likes. We always have a starch like mashed potatoes (mixed with half cauliflower!) or brown rice. That helps to fill them up when the meat runs out.
ETA: You need to fix your plate first before anyone else's and set it aside. Your kids won't be harmed if they don't get seconds. Your baby may suffer if you don't eat properly.
To make things in large batches use your oven or crockpot.
I think the only thing that would actually work would be the black beans. I dont think the other stuff would fly very well, LOL! I always have black beans and chic peas on hand (always) because I put them in salads. My family does loove salad!

Originally Posted by mel j View Post
Aw, you sound really sweet and so does your husband. But you absolutely NEED to eat! Even if it means you eating first before serving everyone else and yeah making more like everyone is saying. Maybe you can try to figure out a meal/snack schedule so you all eat together as much as possible... I finally did this with us and it's working out pretty amazingly; I wish I did it before. We still don't always eat together b/c my husband has a weird work schedule too but are getting there... (but yikes, at least he doesn't work nights, I can't imagine, and while pregnant and w/ a 5 month old! )

Its hard but not super hard. Its hard at night time when I dont get any sleep becuase the kids wake numerous times at night! That drives me for example...toddler number 3 dont want to go to bed until like midnight so I finally get him to bed and then lay down and next thing yanno baby is crying for a I feed this time its about 2amish...Get him layed down and my toddler number 2 is waking...BLAH! I change diapy...FIIINALLY get here to sleep and its like 4:30...Then Toodler number 4 wakes and wants to be up the rest of the night. I move him to the couch otherwise he will wake EVERYONE (if he hasnt done this already)..he wants to watch tv and something to eat. SO I grab him a snack...lay down on the opposite side of the couch..just about to sleep and now he wants a drink. BLAH! I get up..get him a drink and then lay down and the sun is comming up or its time to get my public school kid up for school. SO I roll off the couch, get him up and ready with my eyes closed....hubby finally comes home and takes him to school. I lay on the couch from 7-9am and get up with the other kids and start aking breakfast and homeschooling. This happens about 4 out of 7 days a week! IT SUCKS!
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