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Need some help with once a week prepping

Ok guys hoping some of you guys may be offer to lend me some advice. I need to get groceries and food costs down my maternity pay is going to end in September.

I can get chickens pretty cheap I want to cook whole chicken at least one once a week and divide up the meat. Actually maybe 2 since germans have mini chickens. How long can it be in the fridge is it better to store in meal size portions?


Beans I want to cook a pound on the weekend for the week again, fridge how long or freeze?

Rice? Same questions.

Pasta same questions

Anyone know any good frugal snacks I can make at home again once a week cooking that will stay fresh through the week. Preferably on the healthy side.

Cut up veggies, how far in advance can I precut veggie slices and fruit slices for snacks and lunches. Do I need to do anything special.

Thats all I got at the moment, or maybe tips on keeping bread and rolls fresh again I would like to bake our breads myself can I say bake sunday and make enough for the week?
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