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I think smoothies rock for an easy breakfast. You can pack in lots of nutritious stuff and it tastes great. Frozen berries and bananas can keep the smoothie sweet without added sugar, or you can use raw honey which has some nutritive value.

For lunches, put ~2 inches of nut butter in a tall jar and then stick celery and carrot sticks in it and close the lid. Try making wraps with tortilla and Neufchâtel or cream cheese topped with veggie strips, sliced meats, or fruits. You can send the whole wrap or slice it into wheels.

ETA: If she gets hungry enough, she'll eat what you give her. I wouldn't worry about her skipping a few days in protest, she isn't your boss. Does she have access to other food at school if she doesn't want her lunch? If so, I think you're in more of a bind. If not, make her something you're comfortable with and keep sending it.

If DD doesn't eat her lunch, that's what she gets as snacks/dinner until she at least makes an effort.
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