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Re: Help me find a method that works!

I'm pretty good at this actually, here's the method we use around here that really does work. First you go in your bathroom. You then remove everything from one location have 3 boxes 1. To keep 2. To give away 3. Doesn't go in the bathroom then repeat until the entire room is cleared out. Then put everything from the keep box back into the room. Then go to your bedroom with the 3 boxes. Go through each drawer and closet and shelf and anywhere else "stuff" hides and repeat what you did in the bathroom. Do one room a day or if everyone's helping over a weekend. Then put the stuff from the keep box back. Then to the next bedroom and repeat. If this is a kid room when it comes to clothing and toys ask your oldest to help. Sort out clothing into sizes and toys into age groups. Put the clothing that fits your children back into the closet then go through what's between them and pick out what could be handed down and put it into a plastic tote and put it in the closet, everything else you can donate or repurpose. For the toys toss any broken or terribly stained toys you can part with. Just put out what your 7 year old plays with and make bins of toys from 1-6 or what not you get what I'm saying, if your children are different genders and you aren't going to have more kids you can get rid of anything that is unlikely your youngest will play with but ask your oldest what they liked best and why. I am a girl and loved boy toys so be careful you can save $ saving some... But kids don't need tons of toys trust me, they might enjoy donating or having a yard sale! But once its in the don't keep box it can't come back into your home. Then go through your living/ working/ kitchen spaces and do the same. Put the things from the misplaced box away and organize your toys and crafts and keep clothing in check... This both purges and cleans and organizes your home... We do a cabinet here and there and it keeps things in orderZ and tell well meaning gift givers what you need in advance to any time a gift will appear... Don't need toys or want a specific one same with clothing... I always tell people the next size up of one specific things and not yet hugely age appropriate toys that are still safe for play if we're all set now. So maybe in a few months we won't be and the new stuff can replace the old. Good luck
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