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Originally Posted by Queen_Celeste View Post
I grew up in a family with 6 kids, the oldest and youngest were only 10 years apart so we had a lot of teenagers at one time. We ate a LOT of 'clean out the fridge stew.' What that meant was, whatever ever veggie was in the fridge with some meat (and probably some beans) in it. It could be anything from traditional potato, carrot, celery as the veggies to leftover corn, broccoli, etc. We ate it enough that many times it wasn't really cleaning out the fridge, it was just a planned dinner. Soups fill everyone up faster because of all the water in there.

As a side story: When I got married I found out my husband grew up draining the liquid off the Ramen noodles 'because it is salty.' When I grew up we would use half the seasoning packets to cut the salt, extra water and add a bag of frozen broccoli/veggies and eggs to the pot and it was dinner.
We do this too! With the ramen and soup. I often times make soups for lunch made up of what little leftovers there are from the night before.

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