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I had GD weigh my first two pregnancy and I was/am diabetic for my last and this one. Honestly the needles for insulin are so tiny you can't really feel them. The finger poke hurts more than the shot. Having a few high readings right after being diagnosed is normal. You have to find what combos work for your body. Dairy actually helps stabilize me and keep my morning number down but a lot of people have to stay away from it. I can eat certain fruits while others I know can't. It's really just a guessing game until you find what works. During dd1's pregnancy I really struggled with keeping my blood sugar in check. Nothing seemed to be working. I had some crazy high readings during the last few weeks my doctor hospitalized me at 37 weeks because of it. I was there 3 days and they finally figured out I had a bladder infection that was causing my numbers to be so high. All of my babies went home with me and had just a little trouble with low sugar right after birth. A little sugar water in a syringe and non stop nursing solved the problem. You will find what works for you. Just keep at it. Remember a high reading here and there while you figure it out is ok. But if you start seeing a pattern or you are consistently getting high readings you should give your doctor or dietitian a call.
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