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Re: August 2013 weekly chat ~ April 21-27

Originally Posted by KatieB621 View Post
Jennifer - for getting the on taxes!

Just finished on leg cuff on the nb soaker I've been working on. I ran into every problem under the sun last night with it. I'm not sure if it was just because it was late and I was tired or if I'm just a dumby! Anyway, fixed it so at least it doesn't look too bad and since it's just for me....who cares right?! She'll probably just get poop on it anyway! One more leg cuff and I'm done with this one.
I live in a high tax area. In MA it is worse, they make you pay taxes on the value of your car (their value not actual value) every year. A bit of sales tax on a carseat seems like small potatoes when you think of it that way.

Congratulations on the soaker!

Originally Posted by Andbabymakes2 View Post
Poor Jennifer and your stinky feet! lol I have a drawer full of socks that I should just purge, b/c I can't wear them either. Maybe use a wrap around the ankles and calves??? And Yay for getting the carseat! I'd love to be able to get a new video monitor as ours in about to bite the dust.
My feet have been returning to normal after every pregnancy. Gee with the triplets you didn't even know I had them by looking at me. I didn't even have stretch marks (guess they were not in me long enough to get them. ). So I am keeping my normal socks. I just can't use them at this time of year... normally speaking. It has been colder longer this year. I don't get it.

Originally Posted by missydawn View Post
Jennifer - Glad you got it!!! What color??

Today is a lazy day for me. I need to do some house cleaning but nothing major and laundry. Afton is having a friend spend the night tonight so I need to figure out what we are having for dinner.
I already PM'd you but in case others wanted to know, I got a red Cybex Aton 2. I will be posting photos of it and it installed in the my Odyssey on the Carseat board after I get it, if anyone is thinking about that carseat. We still need to move DS to the drivers side so I will not be leaving it in the car, but it will give you an idea.

Originally Posted by Mrs.Os View Post
Broschcat- welcome, I am also new, same age, also expecting my second I'm a major neater myself, were in the process of pre baby moving, it's crazy but I'm also reorganizing this whole place while we pack, packing is going better than it was. I have to sit down a lot too, tired a lot. My older child is a but younger than yours and we have 2 old dogs and 3 cats here. All wear me out. The only thing my midwife told me at my first appointment was I would be tired. I am.

I just finished ordering our churches nursery stuff which is with the budget I got. I just have to make sure our special needs nursery gets done at the same time so we don't close off the nursery with all the nice new stuff and have no where for other kids to go... I have no time lol but we will manage. I also hear this next week I might find out about the house.

Sorry to hear about bad news :-/ hang in there. There is a plan.
Good luck with everything! Sounds like you have your hands full!

AFM - Church this morning, then Whole Foods then home and DS and DH will work on the yard and I will get some sewing done... that is provided I don't have elephant feet by that point. I did well yesterday. So we will see.
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