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Re: August 2013 weekly chat ~ April 21-27

Tris - I don't know if I would knit with roving. Wouldn't it need to be spun first? I'm not the expert in this though....Erica....Why did you have to go to the lake when a wool question came up?!

Lynn - that's exactly what I thought when she said it. "I don't want to be rude, but you look like you've gained a ton of weight." Yeah....I think rude is her middle name.

AFM: Went to the reunion yesterday. Drunk aunt and uncle were there, but DH surprised me and handled the whole "fat" issue right off of the bat. I'd told him when I came home right after it happened about what was said. He just sat there, rolled his eyes, and changed the subject. I thought it had went in one ear and out the other. However, I had forgotten that DH knows all too well that me and the word "fat" at any time is usually an issue. I used to say I was fat all of the time when we first started dating (which seems really stupid now since I wore a size 6/8 at the time). I was so proud of myself before this pregnancy of getting back down to a size 10. Not more than a week ago I was in tears when DH tried to get a little "friendly" one night and I yelled at him that I was as big as a whale and didn't understand how he could be attracted to me now. We go through this every feeling huge....DH telling me that he loves it anyway....yada yada yada. So yeah...."fat" and me don't get along....especially when pg. So, drunk aunt and uncle arrive at the reunion. I'm not expecting anything to be said, sure not going to bring it up myself, but DH does. As soon as drunk aunt sits down he says, "So....I hear you think my wife is fat?!" chuckles. She had a deer in the headlights look...BUSTED! Looked similar to this "No...I didn't say that. That was Danny (drunk uncle). He said she was fat. I wouldn't say that to a pregnant woman" with a very apologetic tone. Dh sort-of laughed and said, "Yeah...we all know how you are. We all know what you said and I wasn't even there to hear it." I'm looking at everyone else's faces at the table (all who were present at the time of said "fat" comment, and each of them have their jaws about hitting the table. At this point I'm wanting to under the table. He then said, "That's ok honey....I you anyway." She quickly got up and left the table and didn't say two words to us again. I had one other person ask me if I was pregnant (since DH didn't do any big announcement or anything when they asked for any big news from each family), but at least that guy asked me if I was eating for two....which I am. Part of me was embarrassed at how DH handled it, but part of me sure as heck wasn't.
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