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Re: August 2013 weekly chat ~ April 21-27

Just sitting here having yogurt drinks and watching curious George lol and the baby of course is kicking all over, we promised daddy we'd go with him to night church so we would not have to work out the one car issue this morning since he's working. And I'm thinking about the baby. It's amazing how much life and thinking about all that stuff and things get in the way of thinking about the actual child sonetimes. In just a little over 3 months? There will be a newborn baby in the house again! My first born is the same today as the day I first felt kicking. Very very determined and in charge and basically the boss and I was so ill that we'd joke the baby was literally taking everything out of me... My first was ten pounds. This baby so far seems a little less demanding, like if I forget to eat or drink ( I know bad bad) for too long I get a good hard jab and when were resting the baby is like hey keep moving and bounces around like sumersaults are for babies and I swear I would guess twins if I hadn't had an ultrasound... Just all over kicking. Definitely going to be a fan of being moved around a lot. But yea it's amazing how personality is so set in us from the very beginning. I'm hopeful this child is accepting of the fetal position #1 was in a grogginess pose locked in and I couldn't bend for months :-) it was crazy but definitely got uncomfortable the last 3 weeks, at a point if I sat down little froggie would kick with both feet into my ribs and head would smash my pelvis. And eventually it just wasn't possible. My kid still does that if you get is the way while there is resting or sleeping just freaks out and always gets all the bed lol. I can't wait to meet this little child
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