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Originally Posted by Three Little Monkeys
Fasting numbers can be hard. Try different snacks before bed. My doctor is happy if my fasting numbers are under 120. It varies from doctor to doctor. My cousin's doctor wanted her fasting numbers at 60! At 60 I'm shaky and sick to my stomach. It sounds like you are doing great! You will find what works. Your numbers are not so high that you should worry. You'll get it worked out!
Oh! I figured out some great news. Lol. My two post meal numbers that were high - I hadn't washed my hands before doing the stick!! This morning I had an on-plan breakfast an went for a long walk. Did my post meal test and got a 170!!!! I thought "there's no way that's accurate" and remembered I hadn't washed my hands. After washing my hands and trying again it was 117, which is under the 140. Both of my other high numbers were times I'd forgotten to wash my hands first AND had been hand-feeding my kids different things (Cheerios once and a granola bar once).

So now to figure out my fasting numbers.
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