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Re: August 2013 weekly chat ~ April 21-27

at the comments about Dh standing up for me! He doesn't do it very often, but when he does it's priceless.

AFM: Waiting for the storms to roll in tonight. It seems like every Monday when I have to take DS to PT it rains. Dh isn't feeling good....running a temp, achy, sore throat....yeah....I don't like the sound of it either especially since there have been a ton of people coming down with the flu in our area lately. Hopefully it'll just be one of those stupid viral things that he might have caught from the kids, but since he's NEVER sick I seriously doubt it. Usually when he feels IS bad. We'll see what the morning brings.

Found a present for DD's birthday today. Her birthday is in August, but I don't want to wait until the last min since it's only a little over a week before my due date. I have this feeling that DD and this baby will have the same birthday. Anyway, my mom has a friend who's dad (I know, that's going around your elbow to get to your thumb ) has several sets of those nice wooden kitchen sets. DD has this small plastic one right now, but she and DS will both play with it for hours. So, my mom is going to look at it tomorrow. The guy is asking $10 a piece and there are a total of 4 pieces to each set (a refrigerator, cupboard, sink, and stove). Even if they need to be refinished it'll still be a steal. My mom said that the fridge (she thinks) stands about 3 - 3 1/2' tall, so this isn't some small set. And for $40 for the whole thing!!! Fingers crossed that it looks good because it would definitely be a toy that would be used over and over for many years to come....especially with another girl on the way!
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