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Re: Chat Thread ~ Apr 28th - May 4th

Ezra is 22 days old today and we went to church for the first time. We have a three hour church day with the main meeting the first hour. Ezra was awake for about 20 minutes of that first hour, and then I nursed him in my seat. He went on to sleep for the rest of our church meetings, with everyone cooing over him and tounching his head, but I just kept him in my arms the whole time -- maybe next week I will let someone hold him, lol, or maybe I will wait until June when I have to teach again.

Yesterday he basically just slept and ate -- he had a high appetite/high sleep day, so I imagine he is growing. Today he kind of followed suit, except he woke at 6:30 and stayed up until about 10:30 when I nursed him at church.

I just treasure him. I never thought we would have another baby and he surely is my last, so I enjoy all the moments I have with him, even when I am exhausted and he doesn't want to sleep.

Dh is being a grump because his back hurts and he had to do the dishes and make dinner; I did exactly ALL the dishes for the last 19 days or so (along with all the laundry, house lceaning, etc.), so I really have no sympathy for him...and I was grumpy because I was doing all the dishes after just having a baby, so he can bite me .
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