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Re: August 2013 weekly chat ~ April 21-27

Originally Posted by lynn97 View Post
Katie, the play kitchen sounds awesome! I would like to find DS a nicer one too. I have already bought DS's presents too, even though his birthday is 4 weeks before my birthday. I just found stuff for good deals so I bought it. With moving a few weeks before, I don't think it's bad that I have his stuff ready to go.

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Yeah I don't blame you one bit! I'd have done the same thing too if I were moving on top of everything else. I think it's a little older and might have been one that the school used to have in the kindergarten classrooms years ago before they starting cramming so much stuff at the kids that they didn't have time to play anymore and when the vast majority of kids actually used their imaginations instead of playing video games all the time. I don't really care though. I mentioned it to DH after I mentioned it on here last night and he immediately said, "Yeah...that sounds like a good idea for DD's birthday. We'll get one and if it needs to be fixed up a little we can do that before her birthday." SCORE 1 for me!!!! As big as it sounds, though, I really don't know where to put it. I'll make room though if I have to. It'll keep BOTH of the kids out from under my feet while I'm cooking.
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