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You don't really want to go past 3 or 4 days with raw cut up fruits and veggies. Sometimes they dry out or leak out all of their juice. I heard that they loose vitamins after they are cut, but I've never seen any research that backs that up.

Raw meat can be kept in the fridge for about 3 days as well. Any longer and I would freeze it. And always thaw in the fridge the night before. Don't ever leave raw meat out on the counter to thaw or put in a warm bath - that is just breeding bacteria!

Cooked food is usually good for 7 days. Just try to only reheat it once. I make a big pot of rice once a week and reheat what I need throughout the week. Same with beans in the crockpot.

If I was you, I would cook those two chickens right away and then separate the meat from the bones and make stock (all in the same day). If your chicken is only for dinner(s) then separate it into however many dinners you plan to do with chicken. If you want to keep your options open for lunches and dinners throughout the week (i'm not a big meal planner or recipe follower)just do one big container.

I used to cook all day Saturday in college and portion everything into individual containers for my roommate and me to eat all week. In some ways it was kind of nice. Home cooking everyday. Even when you don't have time.
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