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Re: Night weaning Qs

I am in the same boat Mama.
My 18 month old was a constant night nurser. It made her terrible to sleep with! She only ever had boobs to fall asleep with, as I have been her "only" caregiver up to now. This wasn't so much a problem for me, but now she does not have other self-soothing methods (which IS a problem!)
Last week I began nursing her to sleep and when she was out I would button up my nightgown. She used to be able to just reach over and dig one out herself in the night. When she would wake because she didn't have access, I would simply shush her and tell her "boobies went nu-night" or something similar. The first two nights she got real grumpy and woke up every 45 minutes or so. I simply repeated the same to her and attempted to use any other comfort methods she would take. A week later and she is no longer waking in the middle of the night to nurse. She sometimes wakes in the early morning hours but I can usually get her to go back to sleep without. We do continue nursing TO sleep initially, around 8:30/9 which is bedtime for the boys too.
She has become a much better co-sleeper since I weaned out the night nursing. She was waking both of us with constant moving, nursing, digging at me, etc. I do hope to move her to the crib in the next few months. I figured night weaning first was more gentle and easier on both of us. She does nurse during the day still, but that has decreased in the last few months as well.
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