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Re: Low weight gain:(

Add coconut oil and coconut milk to your diet. It is a concentrated source of calories and quality saturated fats. You can even get coconut milk ice cream and yogurt and it tastes pretty good. Get refined coconut oil and cook in it and add it to everything you can. While there is some debate about how much the mother's diet affects the quality of her milk, it is pretty universally agreed that the fat content is pretty quickly and directly affected.

Edit: You could also add coconut oil to your LO's food. From what my ped said, it's not unusual for babies to drop percentiles around this age. The combination of them being more mobile, the developmental explosion, and starting to eat solids (which are often more filling and less calorie dense than breastmilk) make for slower weight gain. If your ped starts to push supplementing, I'd get a 2nd opinion before doing that. Also, make sure they're using the WHO growth charts.

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