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Re: Little ones with UTI's

Originally Posted by 7 for now View Post
My 3 yo dd has bilateral kidney reflux. When she gets an infection, it comes on suddenly and a very high fever. Like, up to 103 within an hour of otherwise being fine. She has no other symptoms other than spike in fever. She gets a straight cath for the specimen as that is the best way to not have a contaminated specimen. She will also be very lethargic and sleep for about 2 days with minimal waking.

ETA: she usually gets a shot of Rocephin and then the appropriate oral antibiotics after the culture and sensitivity come back at 48 hours.

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My neighbor's daughter has the same thing. It's exactly as 7 for now described too - sudden high fever, no symptoms. Before they dx'd the reflux, she was cathed, got antibiotics and repeat.

Now she's on a daily antibiotic and yearly reflux tests.
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