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Originally Posted by pinktoes
Make sure you nurse long enough on each side. I had the tendency to switch to early
Sometimes it helps to pump for a few minutes, get to the thick stuff before nursing
Sometimes they fill up on the thin and have more reflux issues w that before even getting to the thick.

Did you try probiotics yet?
I would pump a bottle, throw in some baby probiotics and feed it to my DS. He was always my problem nurser. Finally started to gain weight after that

Also, prilisec prevents the stomach from making acid. If you take her off quickly you get a rebound effect, reflux gets worse.

I've shed many a tear over nursing.
I have some children's culturel would that work?

I think basically this last month going off the Prilosec was a huge problem. The doctor said it was causing her constipation but after two weeks off it and no change in bowel habits I put her back on it and she's starting to sleep again. Poor baby. I used to be very happy with our Ped, but lately I've been seeing multiple doctors or nurse practitioners and everyone seems to have their own opinion.
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