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Originally Posted by tibeca
If your Lactation Consultant does NOT understand the affects of hypothyroid and PCOS, please find someone new. There could be many reasons for the slow weight gain. Has she been charted on the WHO growth charts?
I'm not sure if they use the who charts. I know WIC does. I think I'll stop by there tomorrow when I go into town and see what they think.

The doctor office is just ticking me off because they're like well there's always formula when I've been telling them for months something was wrong.

The lactation consultant at the hospital where I delivered didn't know about PCOS & hypothyroidism and their effects on breastfeeding either. I could also contact my local LLL. I haven't been able to go to a meeting yet because it conflicts with my sons Boy Scouts, but they helped me out over the phone when I had thrush.

I wasn't able to successfully breastfeed my son six years ago, but I was very ill; had retained placenta and my hypothyroid was out of control. Now I'm much healthier and my thyroid levels were good as of last month. I'm just worried. We're at 8 months and I wanted to breastfeed her a full 2 years and I fear that we won't make it to 1 year now.
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