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Originally Posted by keonli
I was able to do 60 squats with a 5 second break, and then proceeded to go on for another 40! It was painful/ brutal and I'm sure I'll be feeling it tomorrow.

I was at the doctor's the other day and I hate how when I get on the scale, they make a comment about how "great" my weight is for someone who had a baby almost 5 months ago, about how I'm "on the right track" or I'm "halfway there."

It's discouraging to me because 2 things happen:

1) makes me think I can eat all the bad foods I want because others are saying I look great, even if they're lying

2) makes me feel horrible to look at the scale because everyone else I know lost all their baby weight by 3 months pp

Luckily, I was able to shrug it off, get in some exercise and make good food choices for the rest of the day.
Don't feel bad. I didn't even try to lose any of the baby weight from dd4 until she was almost 2 and I was still getting asked when my baby was due I'm below where I was when I got pg with her now, almost 8 months after I started trying, but I'm still 12 lbs from pre DD1 weight. I give you mad props for caring enough about yourself and your health to start early
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