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"I want booby..."

My son will be 2 in a little over a week. He has been weaned since about 19 months, when pregnancy caused my milk to dry up. However, we have recently been reading books about a having a new baby in the house (I'm 34 weeks) and talk about how the baby doesn't eat sandwiches, apples, or bananas, (DS's favorite foods), only drinks milk from Mommy. Or as he says: Eats booby. :-). Anyway, recently he has been saying, "I want booby." So, I offer, even though there is only colostrum. However, only occasionally does he even put his mouth on me. He usually just says, "No booby." "Or, all done booby." Or, "Other booby" (which he also rejects), every now and then he will but my breast in his mouth, but he doesn't know how to latch. Does anybody else have experience with this, and most importantly, what happened when the new baby arrived? When my milk comes in you think he will figure out the latching again, do you think there will be jealousy issues if he can't? This has been on my mind late
as I am trying to get together a good list of activities to keep an active 2 yr old happy while nursing the newbie.
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