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Re: Little ones with UTI's

Originally Posted by HeatherlovesCDs View Post
I don't feel like having a fever points to a UTI, personally. It is probably something else.

That said, my babies have never had one. My dd was tested at 6 months because of a very high fever that would not let up. Turns out she had roseolla (sp?). She is prone to UTI's and has had several. But, she is a little older now at age 5. She got her first around age 4...I can't remember exactly.

Keep in mind that the test for a UTI in an infant is to use a catheter to extract some urine. It's not fun for baby (or mom). And, those can cause UTI's because they can introduce germs into the urethra simply because they have to put something foreign where it shouldn't go. (I got one that way once.) So, it isn't without risk and isn't that simple.
I agree.

It can be difficult to maintain sterility when cathing, especially with a wiggly baby.

A fever is likely viral and sometimes they are the only symptom that a person gets. Personally, I would probably call the doctor since she is under 1 year and find out their position on fevers and babies. But, unless they are concerned about a fever in a baby her age, I would probably just treat the fever as needed and let it run it's course.
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