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Re: bra help, im not sure which is best...

I'm the same size and you and I have this one:

It isn't padded, but there's two layers of stretchy fabric that holds everything in. I never had issues with nipples or nursing pads showings through. It has underwire and holds the girls up nicely. I had mine for about 3 years before one of the underwires started poking through and stabbing me. I removed the wires and still wear it from time to time, but it doesn't lift quite the same way anymore which makes me sad. But 3 years out of a bra is still beyond amazing! There are no other signs of wear!

Another one I really like is the Bravado Seamless Silk nursing bra. No underwire and the foam pads are removable, but it really lifts and supports. It's a really good everyday bra. I've also had this one 3 years and it's only recently starting to show signs of its age.
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