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Re: Help me teach my daughter good 'wiping' habits.

I suspect there's more going on...I doubt if ineffective wiping is causing the rashes. Maybe UTI? She's obviously not going to wipe since it hurts.

Like PP, I also feel like 2 is too young to expect a proper wipe fm. Maybe she's wiping very roughly? Ouch..dont even like the thought of it.

Cloth wipes? I use cloth for my 2.4mos old dd2....

I understand your feelings on not forcing her... having two girls myself, such a see-saw it is!

Maybe have her sleep without undies and you apply the lotion while she's in her deepest sleep? (that almost sounds crude, but you gotta do what you gotta do!)

Or apply the cream as you are about to head out to her fave place? Most kids are willing to be their sweetest selves when they are giddy about going out.
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